Moulding of thermoplastic materials, Mold construction

Tecnoplastica Reatina s.r.l.

The Tecnoplastica Reatina Company has been working in the Injection Moulding of Thermoplastic Materials field for over thirty years. The company collaborates with internationally renowned industries involved mainly in technical sectors (Mechanical, Chemical, Electronic, Electro). Given their characteristics, these industries require special materials and an extremely professional moulding process.

The business policy of the TPR, in order of providing clients with a full service, aims to propose technically efficient and appropriate solutions, able to meet the needs of high quality in product and service.

The primary target of the company is to continue the path of growth that has characterized the Tecnoplastica Reatina over the years, interpreting the new realities that are emerging in the national and international technical field by constantly re-evaluating its presence, so as to continue to offer Quality, Reliability and Professionalism to the market. 

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